Have you got a reliable and vital IBM i application that looks like it was written in the 1970s? The fact is it could have been!

You have this critical business application that’s taken 20 or 30 years to create. All your business logic is in that application. You cannot just replace it overnight; those projects fail. But your users have a different expectation. They expect new features to be provided in double quick time …. and they want their applications to be web based with graphics, charts and buttons.

So how can you add more value to these existing systems quickly whilst minimising risk and expense.

Well the answer is the right modernization solution. Our solution includes features that

  • Allow your users to become more productive with familiar style interfaces.
  • Combine multiple applications into a single application.
  • Create iPhone and android applications from existing IBM i core systems.
  • Allow you access to vital and reliable IBM i applications whilst providing a graphical or web based front end
  • Facilitate Rapid Application Development.

You can do all this without changing an existing line of code!

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