Automated Testing

Is your IBM i testing perfect? If not, then our IBM i automated testing software is the solution to your problem.

Our automated solutions ensure maximum software quality, efficient use of limited resources and happy users.

Major benefits include:

  • Automatic creation of GDPR test data
  • Test data roll back
  • Automated documentation and compliance
  • Cumulative Intelligence
  • Repeatable automated testing
  • More accurate results

Essential to the development and testing effort is the need to formulate a coherent and effective test data environment and management strategy. The strategy includes requirements for the creation of test data, obfuscation of sensitive information and data protection for refresh and rollback with a minimum effort. Our software provides all of these capabilities and extends the scope of the testing effort by providing information on all of the database updates that occur as part of a manual or automated test execution.

Reduce 7 hours of testing into 2 minutes !

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